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Financial Assistance

At HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital, we are concerned about our patients and their families. We understand that healthcare expenses are often unexpected and paying for services can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you do not have the resources to pay for your care. HSHS and HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital has developed a program to provide assistance to those in need.

Eligibility for this program is determined through guidelines designed to ensure our limited resources are allocated to those patients who are least able to pay.

Application Criteria
Download and complete the Financial Assistance Application and return it within 30 days of your last statement.

  1. Provide evidence that all other sources of assistance have been pursued, including private insurance.
  2. Provide a list of your assets.
  3. Provide a list of your monthly expenses.
  4. Provide documentation of all household income in the past 12 months. If you are scheduled to begin a new job, proof of future income should also be submitted.

Documentation of all Household Income
Documentation should include copies of all applicable documents listed below:

  • Your most recent federal and state income tax returns

  • Your W2 withholding statements

  • Your payment stubs from the past three months, or a written statement from your employer verifying your earnings for the past three months

  • Your checking and savings account statements from the past three months

  • Your monthly social security benefit statements and/or other monthly retirement statements

  • Unemployment/workers compensation check stubs

  • Alimony/child support statements

*This documentation is required for processing your application. If you cannot provide the above documents, please explain why on the application. Please do not submit original documents; they will not be returned.

Eligibility Guidelines

Income guidelines for eligibility are adjusted annually based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines established by the United States Department of Health and Human Services and published periodically in the Federal Register.  These guidelines are subject to change without notice.

To view current guidelines, please visit our HSHS Financial Assistance Program web page and select the Financial Assistance Brochure for the Illinois Single Billing Office. 

If you qualify
You will be notified in writing of your eligibility and the amount of assistance allowed. Your bill will then be adjusted. You will be responsible for contacting the Billing Office to discuss payment arrangements on your remaining balance, should one exist.

If you don't qualify
You will be notified in writing with an explanation for your ineligibility and will be required to make arrangements for paying your bill. Applicants can reapply for assistance if their financial situation changes.

If you believe you qualify for our Financial Assistance program, please contact our Illinois Single Billing Office at 1-877-636-2261 for additional information.

Patient Account Representatives

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