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Kevin Dewaele

I spent an unexpected week in September of 2010 on the second floor at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The Monday after Kirchenfest weekend, I woke up with lower stomach pains. Thinking I would just “let this pass,” unfortunately it didn’t.

I wasn’t able to see my doctor until Wednesday of that week, and when I did his initial diagnosis was appendicitis. He ordered a CT scan to confirm the diagnosis. The kind people in the St. Joseph’s Hospital Radiology Department reviewed my CT scan and determined that it wasn’t appendicitis, but a perforated colon and immediate surgery would be required.

I have spent time in emergency rooms with minor injuries which healed in minimal time, but this was much different. Within hours of the diagnosis I experienced major surgery and a recovery that took a month followed by a second surgery and an additional week long stay at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

I knew the reputation of St. Joseph’s Highland and I chose to have my surgery done there. From the surgeon, to the nursing staff and respiratory team; every employee of St. Joe’s that walked into my room, made my experience endurable and I could not have asked for nicer, more caring people that took care of me.

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