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Jennifer Schaible

Jennifer Schaible, a Highland resident, even wrote a letter to the paper’s editor: “When my 16-month- old son began running a high fever on Friday night, I assumed I was in for a long weekend, waiting for my pediatrician’s office to open on Monday morning. As any parent knows, that wait can seem endless when trying to comfort a sick baby.”

Jennifer’s son, who had a 103-degree fever, was sleeping very little and keeping others in the home awake as well. Although Jennifer tried to make an appointment with her pediatrician on Saturday, she was unable to get one before the doctor’s office closed that morning.

“I have three children,” Jennifer said, “but I was lucky enough to have never visited the E.R. or any other emergency care facility – I had no idea what to expect. On Sunday morning, I decided to take my son to the newly opened Priority Care... I’m so glad I did.”

The visit was quick – less than 45 minutes – and everyone was helpful. “I was greeted at the desk by a very friendly and helpful receptionist. I paid the same co-pay as I do at the doctor’s office and waited less than 10 minutes before being called in to an exam room. My son was cranky and restless, pulling on his ears. He was given a thorough exam, and I was given instructions to care for him.

We both felt better after seeing the doctor!”

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