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Senior Renewal

Senior Renewal

St. Joseph's Hospital HSHS introduces "Senior Renewal" - an outpatient counseling services program for senior adults who may be facing unique emotional problems that can make life abnormally difficult. The Senior Renewal program is located on the 2nd floor of the new SJH Medical Office Building and is offered five days a week, Monday-Friday, from 8am-4pm.

The Senior Renewal program allows clients to receive an intensive level of treatment without the high cost or inconvenience of inpatient hospitalization. Through a combination of counseling strategies and intensive nursing education, clients gain insight into their illnesses and learn effective ways to cope with their issues.

The Senior Renewal program offers effective treatment and counseling services to senior adults to help them deal with life's changes. Those having difficulty dealing with emotional or physical change, the loss of a loved one, changes in daily routine due to retirement, feelings of loneliness, isolation and anxiety, are all examples of whatthe Senior Renewal program can address.

Program Features

The Senior Renewal program offers:

  • Individual counseling
  • Individualized group therapy with other senior adults struggling with similar issues
  • Family therapy
  • Regular communication with family members
  • Regular meetings with assigned case managers
  • Transportation service (coordinated through the program office)
  • Clients receive a nutritious meal every day
  • Program services covered by Medicare and most secondary insurance providers (deductibles and co-pays may apply)

Click here to download a brochure to receive more information or call (618) 651-2940 to schedule a confidential assessment.

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