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Stroke Telemedicine Program

Stroke Telemedicine Program

Rapid Response. Real-Time Intervention.
Advanced Neurology Care.

Highland's Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital

Now HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital offers state-of-the-art telemedicine "robot" technology that puts patients in touch with time-saving, life-saving stroke evaluation and treatment... immediately.

Early, real-time access to advanced neurology specialists makes the most of stroke's most critical time - when lives are saved and brain function can be preserved. The hospital's new telemedicine technology means stroke patients gain immediate access to leading neurologists right here in Highland. Real-time web-based video and audio equipment lets specialists evaluate and interact directly with the patient and the emergency department physician remotely.

Our "robot" telemedicine program delivers:

  • Immediate access to neurology specialists
  • Advanced stroke treatment and intervention during the critical window
  • Face-to-face interaction between patients and specialists
  • World-class technology and neurology resources direct to the hospital
  • Designated Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital (ESRH)* by the Illinois Department of Public Health

Learn more about how stroke telemedicine works at St. Joseph's Hospital in Highland and the symptoms of stroke.

If you or someone you love is experiencing stroke symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately!

*The ESRH designation recognizes the importance St. Joseph's Hospital plays in delivering specialized acute health care to the community. To receive the state's designation, specific criteria must be met.

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