Grateful Patients

Your gift makes a difference in the lives of people in our community.

Amy Dewey's Story
Our 4-month old son was rushed to the Emergency Room at St. Joseph’s Hospital due to breathing complications. From the moment the ambulance arrived, to the time he was airlifted to Children’s Hospital, he was treated with First Class Service! My husband and I were not in Highland when Ethan was rushed to the ER but upon our arrival, we could tell he was in great hands. From the doctors, to the nurses, to the administrative staff, we cannot thank them enough for all that they did to keep our little Ethan alive. Everyone in the ER continued to keep my husband and I informed of what was happening and they treated our son with such care and compassion. We will forever be grateful for the wonderful care that Ethan received at St. Joseph’s Hospital here in Highland!

Kevin Dewaele's Story
I spent an unexpected week in September of 2010 on the second floor at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The Monday after Kirchenfest weekend, I woke up with lower stomach pains. Thinking I would just “let this pass,” unfortunately it didn’t.

I wasn’t able to see my doctor until Wednesday of that week, and when I did his initial diagnosis was appendicitis. He ordered a CT scan to confirm the diagnosis. The kind people in the St. Joseph’s Hospital Radiology Department reviewed my CT scan and determined that it wasn’t appendicitis, but a perforated colon and immediate surgery would be required.

I have spent time in emergency rooms with minor injuries which healed in minimal time, but this was much different. Within hours of the diagnosis I experienced major surgery and a recovery that took a month followed by a second surgery and an additional week long stay at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

I knew the reputation of St. Joseph’s Highland and I chose to have my surgery done there. From the surgeon, to the nursing staff and respiratory team; every employee of St. Joe’s that walked into my room, made my experience endurable and I could not have asked for nicer, more caring people that took care of me.

Pat Schwarm's Story
I have a warm place in my heart for St. Joseph’s Hospital. When I arrived at the ER, septic and in critical condition, the doctor correctly diagnosed and stabilized me, and sent me by helicopter to a St. Louis hospital that had specialists to treat my condition.

The doctor at St. Joseph’s saved my life. If there had not been a hospital close by, I would not have survived. After spending five weeks in ICU then four more weeks in St Louis, I was transferred back to St. Joseph’s for rehab.

How wonderful it felt to be coming home to Highland and St. Joseph’s Hospital where the caretakers know me and my family, and friends were close by. The physical therapy department was wonderful and finally got me back on my feet and walking. The caring, devoted hospital staff gave me the physical and emotional support I needed. St. Joseph’s Hospital is a vital part of the Highland community we call home.